The Struggle For Any Olympia 1999

The Battle for the Olympia 1999

Now on DVD for the first time! 1999’s Olympia was one of the most devastating competitions in the history of the event. This exclusive feature-length documentary features bodybuilding greats as they prepare their routines and poses backstage. Ronnie Coleman: Back, Arms; Jay Cutler: Triceps; Lee Priest: Arms; Shawn Ray: Chest; Chris Cormier and Flex Wheeler train together on Chest and Back; Milos Sarcev: Chest; Nasser El Sonbaty and J.P. Fux train together exclusively for this film: Triceps and Back; Murkus Ruhl: Chest. Plus backstage action and awesome photo session footage with Flex, Murkus, Dexter, Matarazzo, Mishko and Ronnie.

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The Struggle For Any Olympia 1999

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