Sculpting Her Body Perfect 3rd Copy

Sculpting Her Body Perfect 3rd Edition

If you’re a woman who’s serious about strengthening and sculpting your physique, expert trainer Brad Schoenfeld provides a progressive program with a variety of resistance exercises for each muscle group. This second edition of Sculpting Her Body Perfect updates the 1999 book and adds new exercises, notably many that can be done at home rather than at a gym. The exercises, using free weights, machines, bands, and cables, are well illustrated with clear photographs. Personal stories and photos of female fitness competitors and body builders make it seem as though this book is aimed at women aspiring to the competitive level, although it does start with a beginner’s program and progresses through the advanced level. The abdominal section still focuses on creating visually appealing abs with no mention of core conditioning (also known as functional training or stabilization), which trains the abdominals for daily life. (For that approach, see Athletic Abs by Scott Cole and Tom Seabourne.) This book is a fine addition to your training library, whether you want a progressive program or simply an assortment of exercises to choose from. It’s recommended for serious exercisers who want a varied strength program. –Joan Price

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4 Stars Good, motivating book on women’s body sculpting

Sculpting Her Body Perfect 3rd Copy

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