Karen Voight Genuine And Straightforward Run

Karen Voight Pure and Simple Stretch

This safe and gentle approach to stretching is a necessary addition to your fitness regime. Your body will quickly respond with a leaner, longer appearance. Experience the simple pleasure of stretching and get a renewed sense of well-being every time you do it.

User Ratings and Reviews
5 Stars Excellent stretch in 30 minutes.
As a personal trainer, the hardest part of my job is getting clients to stretch. Most find it boring, others feel it’s a waste of time. The rest try to do stretches but just have no idea what they are actually aiming for or where they should be feeling it. 90% of the people I see stretching (instructors included) have no idea what muscle they are stretching and don’t know where they should be “feeling it”. This video is very simple, undecorated and relaxing. Karen does an impeccable job of cueing the stretches both physically and verbally. You always know exactly what you are stretching, where you should feel it and how hard to push. She also shows how to modify the stretches and sticks with a number of very effective, but not risky stretches. Her voice is soothing, not jarring and

Karen Voight Genuine And Straightforward Run

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