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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 09/20/2005 Run time: 88 minutes

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5 Stars Thank you Amazon. Couldn’t find this anywhere else.
Great movie. Arnold is a charismatic person. His story shows people that anything can be done as long as you don’t give up. Roland Kickinger did a nice job portraying Arnold. That is probably why they hired him to play a robot in Terminator Salvation.
5 Stars A Very Fun Movie
Arnold’s life is just as interesting as his movies, and just as inspiring. It is a real motivational movie, being a nobody from another country and rising to the top, you can’t help but feel inspired by some of the things that Arnold has accomplished in his life. This movie explores many aspects of his life, from youth and trying to learn English, all the way to his run for Governor which we all know he won both elections.

Roland Kickinger is definitely a good choice to play Arnold in this movie. He has the right look and accent, but sadly the same can’t be said about Jurgen Prochnow. Jurgen is good as Arnold, but he doesn’t look as much

Find Arnold Operate

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