Durability Training For Women

Strength Training for Women

With heart disease and diabetes topping the list of health hazards for women, strength training effectively reduces the risks by burning calories and bringing down body weight. Featuring two programs for all ages and levels of ability, Strength Training for Women offers a sensible, workable plan that every woman can follow for life, whether at home or in the gym.

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4 Stars Good but there are better workouts….
Good book, workouts are fine for starting out but do not progress they way I hoped. I switched to the Weight Training Workout that Work books 9 months ago and am amazed at my changes. I have lost 6% bodyfat, 19 lbs and look better than when I was 20.

Everybody out there – start lifting weights today – will be the best thing you have done!

Janice 38
5 Stars Excellent book!
This is a beautiful and gentle book full

Durability Training For Women

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